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As Aventuras safadas de Tharzam

As Aventuras safadas de Tharzam

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I wish I could explain the plot of “Backside Boys,” but as with most South American Pictures films, it’s untranslated from the Portuguese. There appears to be a Tarzan-like loinclothed creature on the loose and his sexual desires are immediate and plentiful. Along the way, the guys around him adopt the same sexual fulness and all end up as monstrous excitable sexual beasts. In the first scene, the loinclothed creature, who is in reality a very handsome very beefy bru with tattoos, watches two guys making out. They spy him and invite him in to play, butmunication is a problem. All he can do is point to his hardening cock, but the leaner of the two knows what that means. So, he kneels down and starts blowing the thick curving cock on the creature. His friend, a swarthy bru with a big tattoo down one arm, also gets the benefit of the sucker’s mouth, until the creature rims his sucker for a brief moment during all the sucking. Soon, everyone has had a little taste of cock, but it’s off to the fucking. The sucker is the bottom, getting fucked in every position first by the creature (who may not know how to say it, but sure knows how to do it) and then by the other top. The power bottom is led through four positions by two guys, and never seems to tire. He’s the real star of the scene, taking to punishing tops without a wince. As reward for his excellent bottoming, he’s rewarded with two mouthfuls of cum from the tops. Next up are a twinky blond-tinted thin guy and a macho-looking tough with his hair pulled back in a sort of bun. They chatter for a bit and then get right to the sex. The tough has a tight muscular body and a delicious dick that gets sucked by the very dedicated blond. The blond rims too and then the tough turns around and licks both cock and ass on the blond. Rimming shows off the blond’s to-die-for ass, which naturally gets fucked. He first gets it in a wacky position, followed by afortable sideways with the top just as intense and pushy in this harder position. Missionary follows and then the inevitable ride by the bottom, with the top still inplete control. It’s back to at full-tilt power until the bottom takes the top’s load to his pretty cheek. The third scene takes place in the forest, with lights and shadows dancing on the two participants. One is a tall guy with a piercing just below his lip and another (of many) on one nipple. His partner is a big slab of beefcake who doesn’t remove his ski cap, sunglasses or shirt. It’s rare that one of director Leo Botehlo’s scenes suffers from both lack of chemistry and oomph, but I’m afraid this scene lags far behind the others in the story. The pierced guy sucks, using a nice hand-mouthbo, and then the rather tradey top fingers and fucks him. The top is unfortunately a rather selfish performer and this is where the lack of chemistry pierces the scene. They fuck in all the requisite positions, on a bed of only crunchy leaves no less, but only when the bottom is riding do things kick into any gear. The look on the bottom’s face as he turns away from the top’s cum shot seems to sum up the scene, though he’s the first bottom in the story to also let loose a cum stream. For the finale, and the film’s most energetic scene, the loinclothed man is back, this time spying a gorgeous guy with a rock-solid body sunning himself by the pool. The creature can’t resist grabbing for the butt so beautifully tucked into the tight swim trunks, and the man is initially frightened. But, when the creature constantly pulls at his cock, the man realizes what he wants and gives it to him. The first thing he does is take off his shorts to show off his mouthwatering untanned ass. The creature immediately goes to lick this prize, all animal instinct. The man sucks the creature very quickly and efficiently (and with oodles of talent) before taking his place on the ground, legs in the air, inviting a fuck. He gets a good one, for this creature is all beast when ites to fucking. The bottom then rides and it’s very apparent how excited he is for this task. He’s a perfect partner for the brute top. On the diving board, they continue in all the positions, saving for last, which is their best. The beast has a torrent of cum all over the bottom’s chest.

Cast: Alexandre, Bob, Diego, Felipe, Jack, Rock, Rodrigo, Victor

Studio: Homens




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