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Jury Duty

Jury Duty

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A handyman, a high school principal, a network engineer… they’re just a few of the men presiding over a landmark obscenity trail. The sexual tension mounts in the hall of justice, where underlying passions erupt as Jury Duty intensifies. Crafted by legendary director Joe Gage and headlined by TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Scotch Inkom, it proves that a hung jury is the best verdict. And before it’s over, everyone will be guilty of sin…. After a busy day of deliberations, opinionated Scotch Inkom sparks a sexual frenzy with fellow sequestered jurors Bronson Gates and Sven Norse. By-the-book foreman Dirk Caber gets seduced by beefy security guard Roman Wright, who pulls the stud into the utility room for an oral encounter. The video that started the trial is all the evidence the jury needs, sparking a multi-sequence scene that starts with the whole cast worshiping David Anthony’s mammoth meat in an unforgettable suck session. A parade of fucks follow as Anthony slams Scotch Inkom before Roman Wright manhandles Dirk Caber and Ethan Hudson — who then gets plowed by Bronson Gates before getting between an Anthony/Sven Norse sandwich.

Running Time: 152 minutes
Released:   05/2011
Studio Name:   Titan Media 
Director:   Joe Gage 




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