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Men Amongst The Ruins

Men Amongst The Ruins

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Kristen Bjorn’s new epic, Men Amongst the Ruins, finds him at the top of his form, again delivering an international cast that performs with heated fervor in an exquisitely photographed foreign setting. Here, the exotic location is a group of crumbling, abandoned ruins — what once may have been an elegant enclave of South or Central American public buildings but what has now become a popular cruising ground. Every city has one of these spots, but here it is strikingly picturesque, and the cast is filled with gorgeous men of the sort one rarely finds in such secret sites of anonymous sex.
Not content to rest on his laurels and merely repeat what he has done so well so often, however, Bjorn here experiments with a different structuring of his sex scenes. Any fan of the renowned director knows that he takes three or four days to shoot each scene (which accounts for the three or four sets of pop shots that pepper each sequence), but here he breaks up several of the scenes and sprinkles pieces of them throughout this film. The result is that we are treated to encore after unexpected encore, and the device — especially with regard to the film’s two splendiferous stars, Slava Petrovich and Max Veneziano — ties the whole film together and gives it great forward thrust. There are five separate sexual interludes in the film, but it feels as if there were a dozen.

Jeremy Shelton, David Chelsea, Sergio Del Castillo, Rafael Alencar

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