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Booty Bandit 3

Booty Bandit 3

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Envy. Mr. X (black), Osian. Sexy Swagger. Xclusif. For more sex pumping action, he’s back. As we express our appreciation for The Booty Bandit, you can watch him get served.

1. Mr. X (black), Xclusif
A brown double bed, with black pillows, and a black curved leather headboard is placed against a wall of white tiles. Mr. X stimulates himself by sucking Mr. X. Mr. X rims Xclusif. Xclusif rides upon Mr. X. Mr. X then pushes Xclusif over his head and onto the side.

2. Sexy Swagger, Mr. X (black)
A brown bed, with black pillows, and a black leather headboard and high curved curves, is where Mr. X lies. He’s wrapped in a grey-green towel and fantasizes about rimming. Sexy Swagger, a slimmer and left-black wristwatch, appears and seduces Mr. X. Mr. X then puts Sexy Swagger on its back and goes to sleep. Sexy Swagger finds himself disappointed and rolls down.

3. Osian, Mr. X
Osian, a very light-colored, bald dog, is lying on a maroon mattress with a yellow pattern and matching pillows, in front of a white tiled wall. Mr. X, a dark, muscular, large, neck chain, is suddenly sucking Osian. This scene must be a Sexy Swagger’s dream, as Mr. X appears suddenly and energetically tops Sexy Swagger who lies face down.

4. Mr. X (black), Envy
A maroon bed has a small pattern of yellow squares and green centers. There is a matching pillow and a black leather headboard. Under a thin white shelf, Mr. X (very black, muscles, neck chains, blue jeans and bull’shead tattoo on left side deltoid), rims Envy. Mr. X is suckered by Envy.

Studio: Chocolate Cream




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