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The Booty Bandit

The Booty Bandit

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Dre, June (Quinones), Mr. X (black), Rass, Remy (Mars), Shorty J, Static
Do you remember when you were little and daddy use to tell you about Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and wishing on shooting stars? Unfortunately none of that was true. But there is something that reigns more true than any of the above and that is the Booty Bandit! He exists deep in your unconsciousness, your dreams, fantasies, but when you truly need his services, he will always appear!

1. Static, Mr. X (black)
On a black bed with black pillows and white pillows, no headboard, against a white wall, in front of  long, narrow black table with perfume bottles, Static (light brown, goatee, purple do-rag) is j.o.ing; he rolls over and Mr. X, the booty bandit, appears (dark brown, very muscular, white t-shirt, black do-rag, white headband above small black mask); Mr. X rims Static; Static sucks Mr. X; Mr. X tops Static vigorously; Static sucks and rides on Mr. X.

2. June (Quinones) , Mr. X (black)
June (small, very pale, almost shaved head, line of beard, gold neck chain, tattoos on both arms, tattoo line around right calf) is daydreaming, lying on some colorful pillows on a black leather couch, in a red room with white wood trim and objects, including trailing vines and an ankh symbol, hung here and there; Mr. X, the booty bandit (dark brown, very muscular, white bandanna around his head above a small black mask) appears and rims June; June sucks Mr. X; Mr. X tops June forcefully in a couple of positions; June sits on Mr. X.

3. Shorty J, Mr. X (black), Rass
On a bed with a black and tan zigzag pattern and black pillows on top of white pillows, up against a long narrow black table with perfume bottles, in front of a gray wall, Shorty J (small, compact, muscular)  is stimulating himself; Mr. X, the booty bandit (dark brown, very muscular, white do-rag, small black mask, black leather band on upper left arm) suddenly appears and rims Shorty; Shorty sucks Mr. X; Shorty rides on Mr. X; Mr. X tops Shorty vigorously from below and from behind; suddenly a second booty bandit in a full hood mask (slim, average build–Rass?) appears, and Shorty sucks him as Mr. X continues behind; the bandits both disappear.

4. Remy (Mars), Dre , Mr. X (black)
On a red bed, with white pillows with colored spots, no headboard, pushed up against a white fireplace, Remy Mars (light brown, star in a circle pendant on a thin gold chain, tattoo on left shoulder blade)and Dre (dark brown, camouflage hoodie and pants, green camouflage headband, heart pendant on gold chain, tattoos on right deltoid and inside both forearms, ear studs and bracelets, hair braided in a maze pattern) share a red jelly dildo; suddenly Mr. X, the booty bandit (dark brown, very muscular, black do-rag, black and white headband above small black mask, black leather band on left upper arm) appears replacing Dre; he rims Remy; cut to Dre sucking Mr. X;  Mr. X tops Remy and tops Dre in separate shots simultaneously; Remy and Dre ride on Mr. X in separate shots; Mr. X disappears and Remy and Dre find themselves still joined by the red dildo.

Cast: Remy, Rass, Static, Mr X, Dre, Shorty J, June

Studio: Chocolate Cream




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