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Rascal Exclusive Jan Fischer catches Horny Mechanic Brent Everett at his desk daydreaming and stroking his hard-on through his jeans. Jan can’t resist the huge bulge in Brent’s jeans and the two quickly get at it and ravage each other’s hard bodies. “Cut. Great you guys.” yells Doug Jeffries. It turns out that Jan and Brent are finishing up a scene in his new movie and they did an awesome job.

Just then, Rascal Exclusive Brandon Lee bursts into the room and sees them finishing up the scene. “What the fuck is that? That was my scene.” Brandon screams at Doug. “Brandon, you won’t bottom and Brent is only a top, so I had to get Jan to fill in.” Doug tells him. “I don’t need you or this stupid movie.” says Brandon as he storms off the set. Doug and stagehand Rod Barry discuss the good old days when Brandon used to be so sweet. “Boy, times have changed.” says Rod. Brandon continues his on set antics with Tag Adams and Rascal Exclusive Tommy Ritter and pisses off everyone as usual.

Back in his dressing room, Brandon has another tantrum as he trashes his dressing room. Just then, “The Ghost of Porn Past” Kurt Young appears in Brandon’s dressing room and warns him to change his ways. Brandon doesn’t listen and proclaims that everyone loves him just the way he is. Kurt decides to show Brandon a vision of former porn stars Rascal Exclusive Eddie Stone and Jason Hawke on a past porn set discussing how much they despised working with Brandon. “Those Assholes” says Brandon, and again Kurt warns Brandon to change his ways. Not listening to a word he says, Brandon is suddenly visited by “The Ghost of Porn Present”. “Chi Chi, is that you?” Says Brandon in astonishment. “Yes, it is sweetie, I’m here to teach you a lesson that you need to know. You need to learn that the most important thing in this industry is not to be a conceited and demanding porn star; you need to make sure that everyone gets along and the job gets done. You need to be a team player and stop acting like such an asshole”. Chi Chi shows Brandon a vision of Rascal Exclusive’s Johnny Hazzard and Luca DiCorso having an incredible 3-way with Joey Milano. The scene ends with everyone having a great time and working incredibly well with each other. Chi Chi disappears into a cloud of smoke and Brandon takes a hard look at himself into the mirror.

Just then, Rod Barry enters his dressing room and tells Brandon “Our bottom just cancelled and we are screwed if this movie doesn’t get finished tonight”. Brandon thinks to himself for a minute and decides he needs to change his ways. He dashes out on the set and tells Doug Jeffries. “I’ll do it; I’ll bottom for the first time if it’s going to save this movie”. Brandon and Shane Rollins end up giving one of the best scenes they have ever done, and Brandon saves the day. A man at the top of his game finally gets it in the end.

Cast: Brandon Lee, Brent Everett, Eddie Stone, Jan Fischer, Jason Hawke, Joey Milano, Johnny Hazzard, Luca DiCorso, Shane Rollins, Tag Adams, and Tommy Ritter

Studio: Rascal Video, Channel 1 Releasing




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